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 Horse RP (Sun Valley Pride) Leader Ebony

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PostSubject: Horse RP (Sun Valley Pride) Leader Ebony   Mon May 24, 2010 7:43 am

[color=violet][font=Comic Sans Ms][size=18][i]mic Sans Ms]violet]A beautiful mare rears up,while other 60 horses come near her.
She looks at the new visitator and says-"Hello and welcome to Sun Valley Pride.My name is Ebony and i am the leader of this pride."

Another horse comes near her and says-"We welcome you here, my anem is Paint,i am Ebony's sister and i'm going to show you our territories" Ebony rears up once more then starts walking through the territories,all the other horses following her.

All the foals stay near the stalions and their moms,but Paint stays near Ebony being the second in charge.If a stalion approaaches Paint or Ebony the orthers will protect them,being the most important horses form the pride.
Fights often are produced because of the mares and foals.They all protect them with their lifes.
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PostSubject: Re: Horse RP (Sun Valley Pride) Leader Ebony   Tue May 25, 2010 10:28 am

 Eclipse trots over to his mohter and noses her-
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Horse RP (Sun Valley Pride) Leader Ebony
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