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 DarkBlades Wolf Bio

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PostSubject: DarkBlades Wolf Bio   DarkBlades Wolf Bio Icon_minitime1Thu May 20, 2010 12:10 am

DarkBlades Wolf Bio Gw574h11

DarkBlades Wolf Bio Gw329h12

DarkBlades Wolf Bio Gw204h11

\ Alpha

I am a Male wolf

DarkBlades Wolf Bio Gw121h10

4 years old

DarkBlades Wolf Bio Gw640h10

Pups that are on htere way here there pic and names
DarkBlades Wolf Bio Gw347h11

Kyiya Female And Tikaani The male pup

DarkBlades Wolf Bio Gw601h11

Shamani Male pup

DarkBlades Wolf Bio Gw366h10

Ebony Feame pup and Felan male pup

DarkBlades Wolf Bio Gw608h10
Lynx Male pup

DarkBlades Wolf Bio Gw133h10
She is the Lead bAlphes

pups yes
Names of the pups

Mother of the pups: Akela

I am a proud new father to this loveing pups
Aka and Xenyan

Aka and Xenyan

DarkBlades Wolf Bio Gw788h10

Silver and Xenyan

DarkBlades Wolf Bio Gw640h10

I am a wolf not to be mess with don't get me on my bad side or there will be hell to pay when i am done with you got it
Welcome to my Hell Profile

Oh and one more thing if you dare touch my loving mate Silver or hurt her in any way
you have to deal with me and i don't think you want to cause i will break every limps in your body so get got good so don't mess with my mate

This is the life of my wolf

DarkBlade when i as just a young pup my mother and father had to hunt
and i was left all alone in the den by my self and so i lay there alone cold and scared hoping they would come back soon but they never did so i whimpering for them and i did not here any respond from them so i was all alone and some wolf came by a den and herd me crying for my mom and dad and the wolf name was DarkAngel and they took me and took me to there pack and raise me as there own and the pack was a pup killer and so evil you that it was bad i was Beating up all the time when i do something wrong but they train me to be a pup killer and pure evil and so i did what ever they said and they said you will have to soon to kill a wolf so be ready for elders i nods at her and her mate name DarkDeath So i was down at the lake and i was getting a drink and i see two wolf near the lake and i look again and it was my mother and father and the dark angel and DarkDeath says now it the time i want you to go kill them now for ever thing they did to you.You when you were young so now is the time to take you elders and kill them so what i do i run over to them and i start to growl at them and they growl back did not want to fight back they knew it was me so they just stand there did nothing so i Killed my mother and father and so the got killed by me and i felt so bad but i knew it was my elders so i did what i was told to do So i go back to the wolfs and they give me this power that is a DarkPower and a Light power and so i have them in me but from that day i never use my powers unless i have to use it so i really don't want to bring the darkpower here it not one to be mess with i am sorry but it so bad thing Will sure happen if it around but i can control the power so don't have to worry about it so this is my life of my story when i was a pup so if you like to know more about me just ask me i tell you anything
Written by DarkBlade
Here is a pic of my darkSide power

DarkBlades Wolf Bio Gw484h10

This is my Dark Side
is can be Rude and nasty not one to be mess with when he come out so just waring you

MY good side has to froms this is from one

My angel froms good side they can heal anything that come in ther path when some one hurt and he best at healing anybody when it come in and he can call ppl to help ppl come back alive when they are in last breath so i hope you ever need help just all LIghtAngleWolf

DarkBlades Wolf Bio Gw600h10

This is from two

DarkBlades Wolf Bio Gw625h10

In the snow playing

DarkBlades Wolf Bio Gw500h10

4 weeks old pup
My son
So back off killer dont touch my Son

DarkBlades Wolf Bio Gw310h11

DarkBlades Wolf Bio Gw468h11

Aka Female pup

DarkBlades Wolf Bio Gw355h10

Me and Silver showing our love

DarkBlades Wolf Bio Gw800h10

DarkBlades Wolf Bio Gw267h10

DarkBlades Wolf Bio Gw400h10

DarkBlades Wolf Bio Gw381h10

DarkBlades Wolf Bio Gw776h10

DarkBlades Wolf Bio Gw400h11

DarkBlades Wolf Bio Gw460h10

DarkBlades Wolf Bio Gw815h10

DarkBlades Wolf Bio Gw853h10

DarkBlades Wolf Bio D1uvfz10
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DarkBlades Wolf Bio
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