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 Silvers wolf bio

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Silvers wolf bio White_10
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I am a white female wolf with a flawless coat, My fur is soft, silky, and thick. I also have chocolate brown colored eyes that when stared into for to long will send chills down your spine. I am smaller than an average female with a dainty frame yet I am a strong wolf, who enjoys cuddling with the one she loves. During the spring and summer, my pelt has a golden color to it, I love it when it starts to show.
I have a fluffy tail and rounded auds that make her appear cute and harmless, and once you get to know me, I am kind and gentle,
I also have a thing for roses, I love them and they are my favorite flower.
And although I prefer not to fight, when I have to, you better watch your back, cause you might find it broken. I am not one who can be defeated easily, and when I do get defeated, it wont be without a fight.


I prefer to be by the waters edge and I enjoy watching the sunsets. My favorite spot in the territory would be in Midnight Meadow, up on my rock able to see the stars in the dark, and talk to my mother. I was given a Amulet with a purple gem stome, and a golden band that held it together. I treasure it deeply.
The stars are the most beautiful thing in the world and I spend most of my time under them at night. I like to spend time outside, also, when there is a sunset, or when it is raining, even better, in the thunderstorms. Thunderstorms are my favorite type of weather, I spend the most time in them as I enjoy being wet, and because the northern lights will start to break across the sky after the storm.

Life Description:

Hello my name is SilverReign, but you may call me Silver.
This story I'm about to tell you is true, my previous master told this story to his friends and was passed down from generation to generation but now is told from the heart of a wolf, and is all true.

I was born in the wonderful forest regions of North America, by a lake. I was
born all white, but am light red and light brown during the summer, but white and silver in winter times. My father abandoned me along with my sisters and brother, and my mother, who was head huntress, died when I was very young, too young to take care of myself, she died in an elk hunt, since we were left without hunters, our food supply became very limited, others had tried but many had failed in the hunts. I was being weaned when she died so I was able to eat small portions of meat to survive. The pack tested several other wolves to be head hunters, but none of them were able to meet the standards, so when I was finally old enough to hunt, I was tested and quickly promoted Head Huntress of the pack, Our hunts went well from then on and I became respected among them. When my mother died I had no siblings, as my father took them with when he left, my pack soon became strong, but now because of hunters, they are all gone, we did our best to fight them off, and thought we had won the battle, but that's where we made our mistake, our pack grew and thought highly of themselves, but the hunters came back with more, and took us out. A few other wolves and I survived the hunters, but I decided to head out alone to look for a new pack, as the others stayed together in the search, but I knew I had to go different ways. When I left, I was alone for the longest time and was wandering in the wilderness, but when I was captured by Indians, they weren't the friendliest, they had forced this strange colored smelly stuff on my face and put bird feathers in my fur that itched, and every time I would scratch at them, I was beaten harshly. I managed to escape that terrible place, but was brutally injured from the beating I endured from them. Later though a man who seemed strangely friendly and was different from the Indians, took me in and healed my wounds, he noticed I was swift and energetic so he put me into a sled team and I raced the Iditerod race in Alaska, I enjoyed it muchly, and was glad to do it. I was soon a favorite of all the others including my own master who put me as the Lead Dog because of my fast and swift speeds, yet strong build to pull the sled. I was always the talk of the competitors and was admired by the other dogs to, as they had never seen a wolf before. My master had become old and sick though and could not race anymore. He kept the dogs but had decided to set me free because I was from the wild and believed that's where I should be. I was sad to go because he was very good to me, all of my friends were sad to see me go to, however before I left, he gave me a necklace, of diamonds on a think golden band, I treasure it deeply, even though I don't know what it is meant for. But I decided to continue my search for a new pack again. I happened to find a pack, or it found me. It was called White Fire but I wasn't ever sure that it was a sturdy pack, I observed lots of disputes and spars with in the pack and I was appointed as an omega in that pack, though and didn't really mind being an Omega, I was looked down upon and was never viewed as a member of the pack, I knew being an Omega wasn't the best place to be in, but still I was bothered from being abused by others with in the pack of White Fire which was lead by Kiri and Akira, I soon left realizing the pack was headed down hill and as did some others. We formed a pack together and my good friends have joined in. I had good friends there which included the Alphas named Ranger and Tsaylyn, and I was happy as Head Huntress. After a while things began to heat up as they did in White Fire, so again I set out for a new pack, now I am happily here at Midnight Stalkers, who is lead by Akela, and we are great friends, the pack of WhiteFire is now a trusted ally of ours, and Blind Witnesses is not an ally, but not an enemy either. I managed to stay out of a life or death situation with the Alphess and there General, I knew I couldn't fight as I was expecting a litter at the time. I hadn't dare tell them that of course as nobody knows what that would have turned out like. I had a mate when we entered into this pack but I the love I had for him faded and I revieled a secret since hes been gone to a wolf I care for deeply, I finally gained the courage to tell him that I love him and we became mates now as he loves me aswell. I had a litter with Braker though and he is the father, but isn't my mate any longer.

I guess the love fades when your not around someone for a long time and get
the feeling they dont love you anymore either, when you have to find out they left through there sister, angery feelings begin to form, but when someone else is there to catch all your tears, loves you, and helps you gain trust again. Your heart mends as that certain someone gains those special feelings in your heart again, and you dont feel so alone anymore, as your new mate helps you through your pain that, the other person caused you.

The Story of the Indian Camps

A young wolf wandered off on her own threw the forests, she heard very faint sounds of footsteps and immediatly hid in the bushes. Foolishly she fell asleep and before she knew it there were leather ties around her feet and her neck as she woke up, she found herself upside down on a large stick all tied up being carried away, she eventually found out she had been taken to the indians terra. She was tied up to a tree, but free to walk around a little ways, unaware of the indians ways, she jumped at a child and was hit with another stick to stop. Eventually she learned how to behave around them, but had lost her skills for hunting and surviving in the wild because her food was brought to her by the indians. There was a war the erupted between the different indian camps and the wolf was let loose and she ran away never to be seen again, but one day she returned to the camp and was recognized by one of the old indian males, and was given this arrow head in honor. The old indian set him free again, then she eventually found a pack and was retrained on how to hunt, and is still in that pack today, but now without the arrow head as she proudly gave it to a young pup, whos heart was just as brave and strong as her's.

Name: SilverReign (aka: Silver)
Mother: Shaki (dead)
Father: Kellosh (dead)
Rank: Head Sub-Alphess
Gender: Female
Age: 3 years old
Mate: DarkBlade
Ayame, Anzu, and Aka-Females

Akiak, Nanook, Xenyan, and Kja-Males

To My Loving Mate DarkBlade...

él es mi amor y mi corazón, yo también lo amaré para siempre, y cuando estamos solos, Oscuro es todo lo que puedo ver, y él es dulce y cuidadoso, fácil de amar, y me hace reír ... cuando sangro .. . Estoy sangrando mi amor por él, cuando lloro ... Me lágrimas grito de amor.
Te quiero te Oscuro.

he is my love and my heart, I will love him forever, and when we are alone, Dark is all I can see, and he is sweet, caring, easy to love, and makes me laugh ... when I bleed .. . I'm bleeding my love for him,
when I cry ... I cry tears of love.
I love you Dark.

A Poem to My Love:

Riding The Wave of Love

Serenading you with words as my love flows,
How do you posses me so with one word my smile glows,
Where did you come from to caress my heart,
I thought that love was gone but you gave it a fresh start,

Giddy and tingly you make me feel
Like a childs first ride on a ferris wheel,
Excitement and pleasure all around
My head in the clouds with this love found,

My soul leaps at each passing thought,
To which this new found love has brought.
Spirit pines each passing day,
Since this love has come my way.

My heart now cries out endlessly,
For you to link, your heart to me.
Together they would blend and grow,
Into a thorn-less budding rose.

Life is short and chances few,
Lets grasp this love while it is new.
Let our sails fill with its breeze,
And ride the waves upon its sea.


Leaving the Den...
Silvers wolf bio 9cc2bj11

This is a Picture of my Old Sled team I am the lead on the right
Silvers wolf bio Gt6k_g11

On the search for a new pack
Silvers wolf bio Graywo11

Me and a night under the stars
Silvers wolf bio 8ycgkt11

Silvers wolf bio 80wq2k11

My mother's spirit.
Silvers wolf bio Ep8vp311

And now my father with her.
Silvers wolf bio 43ipai11

DarkBlade and Silver Pics

My mate DarkBlade
Silvers wolf bio Okomfd11

Me Silver
Silvers wolf bio 0mlvfj11

DarkBlade and Silver
Silvers wolf bio Gw525h11

Silvers wolf bio _2jkoz11

Silvers wolf bio Gw527h11

Silvers wolf bio Gueazy11

Silvers wolf bio Fug1oy11

Silvers wolf bio Gw513h11

Silvers wolf bio Fg9-nz11

And cute non-wolf pics of Me and Dark
Silvers wolf bio Exu_tt10


Gender: Female
Name: Aka-one year old
Colors: Brown with blue eyes
Silvers wolf bio Yhfgo-11

Gender: Male
Name: Xenyan-four weeks
Colors: Gray and black with green orbs
Silvers wolf bio Gw370h10

Wolf Form:
Silvers wolf bio Gw243h10 Silvers wolf bio Gw256h10

Me in the summer, I have my golden coat now.
Silvers wolf bio Gw269h10 Silvers wolf bio Gw267h10

A side of myself I hate to reveal but sadly have to from time to time, and as much as I hate it, if I'm pushed to the max, this is what happens.
Silvers wolf bio 18n2au10
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Silvers wolf bio
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